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Big Heart Senior Care is exactly what it claims to be. It is a business providing one on one care to the elderly, in widely varied ways. The care provided can be as simple as a few time a week involving tea and cookies. It can be as complicated as a day long visit, involving more intensive, hands-on “treatment.,” and virtually everything in between.

Big Heart has what it boasts – a big heart. Better yet, a collection of them. All working toward the same goal. To provide your elderly loved one the ability to maintain their independence, and live as long as is possible in their own home. We know how important that is to every, single one of your loved ones, and to you, their families, as well. Which is why our owner created Big Heart.

That’s right – Big Heart Senior Care is not a franchise. It is an independently, family owned and operated business, whose Founder and Vice President is Mattie Scott, a Registered Nurse for more than 20 years. A great deal of Mrs. Scott’s experience has been spent in settings such as her beloved company, Big Heart Senior Care. She has spent the bulk of her career up close and caring deeply with seniors. It was a powerful experience for Mrs. Scott, to watch her clients maintain what little health they had largely because they were able to stay where they belonged – in their homes, where their lives had been spent, and where their loved ones were close and easier to see.

Having spent so much time in this business, Mrs. Scott is also well aware of the cost of in-home care. Mrs. Scott has not started this business, Big Heart Senior Care, to empty anyone’s pockets. She started it because of her commitment to health and wellness, and her belief that maintenance in the home is the best place to maintain those for as long as possible. Because of her numerous years’ worth of experience in this field, Mrs. Scott is well aware of the potential cost involved in keeping patients at home as long as possible. Her goal in starting this business had to do with just that – making quality, in home care for loved ones affordable for those who need it most. It remains one of her primary goals today.

One of the best qualities Mrs. Scott brings to the table is her experience. But not simply her experience in caring for all levels of need from seniors and families who prefer that their loved ones be maintained in home. When you’ve worked this long in a field such as this, you become quite gifted at looking at and working “outside the box.” So, where Big Heart itself may not be able to accommodate your loved one long term, perhaps we can come in, begin the immediate care, help the family brainstorm some other longer term options, and further help you locate and most importantly, evaluate them.

This is the beauty of a family owned and run company. As the name states: “Big Heart.” You don’t spend over 20 years of your life dedicated to making the elderly as healthy and happy as they can be in their own homes without it becoming your life’s work. And that’s exactly what it is to Mrs. Scott. Because Mrs. Scott and her company are driven by their collective hearts, rather than their collective pocket books, they are willing to consider what might be best for your loved one that may have nothing whatsoever to do with Big Heart Senior Care. It may in the short run, but in the long run, a different company, a different location, or a different set of assets and opportunities may be what’s best for your loved one, and Mrs. Scott and her company will always be honest with you about that. Because this company cares, and is not out to make a single cent off of a client who isn’t best served by Big Heart, but perhaps by another company instead. This is the type of treatment you will receive through a free consultation from Big Heart Senior Care.

Make certain you spend some time on the Caregiver Page as well, because that page will help you understand why the word “heart” is so important to this company. This company does not exist to make a quick buck, and throw your loved one to the wolves. This company has its heart in every aspect of its work. That’s why it’s so important for you to experience a cost free, in your home, consultation. Then you’ll see, and then you’ll understand. This company is born of love, generosity, care, and giving back. Mrs. Scott has devoted her life to it, so we feel completely confident that with just one interaction with her and/or any member of her staff, you will understand and believe what this company is about. There will be no more doubt in your mind, or in your heart.

In one visit you’ll know. Trust your heart – trust our Big Heart Senior Care.

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