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All of Big Heart Senior Care caregivers are reliable, dependable, and represent the best our company has to offer. They are personable, enjoy their work, and it shows. The client-caregiver relationship is generally more than a job; more often than not, their relationships evolve into friendships. The time your senior spends with his or her companion often becomes a vital part of their week. They very quickly begin to look forward to the time they spend together, much like a friendship.

All of the above are very real possibilities because every person we employ as a potential caregiver to your loved one has ample experience and their background has been thoroughly investigated. This investigation includes both a local and state level investigation. As a part of this thorough investigation, their driverís records will have been examined to ensure a safe driving history, and their experience will have been verified.

We insure and bond every caregiver we employ, but only after we have completed the verification process mentioned above, as well as having trained them to meet our own company standards. You will find these standards to be much higher and more exacting than the minimum required by any state policy. We train our caregivers to do the extra task, go the extra mile, and give the extra care that sets our company apart from all others in this industry. It is why so many of our caregivers eventually become friends with your loved ones.

The caregivers employed by our agency are not simply trained and experienced in providing generalized care, but are specifically experienced and trained in providing any and all manner of assistance to the elderly population in particular. Further, our testing process involves drug testing. This is a prerequisite to employment with our company. Big Heart Senior Care has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to mood altering substances.

Because our clients are our most important asset, at Big Heart Senior Care we take great pride in our employee screening and training. We understand that while our clients are the most important assets in our company, they also happen to be your loved ones and family members. It doesnít get any more important than that. We want you to know that the training and investigative process we employ at Big Heart Senior Care in many ways exceeds that which is mandated by the industry. We perform background checks, drug tests and specific and extensive training because you are inviting us into your love oneís home. We want you to know exactly what measures and steps we have taken to earn the trust you have extended to us. You will not be disappointed that you have made that choice.

At Big Heart Senior Care we have even taken our efforts one step further, and have made our caregivers employees, rather than independent con tractors. Big Heart Senior Care wants the people who interact with your loved ones to be our direct employees and ambassadors of our company. When your caregiver enters your home, he or she does so with the trust and approval of Big Heart Senior Care in the hopes that you and your loved ones will also come to trust and approve of your caregiver as well.

Itís hard to admit when you need some help. Itís even harder to find the right help. At Big Heart Senior Care, weíve done that work for you already. We are here, ready and wanting to help.

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