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What is, or can be, included in “non-medical care”?
Non medical care is the type that is provided by persons who ARE NOT nurses, doctors, or other licensed medical personnel. Such care could include assistance with daily living tasks. Examples of daily living tasks often involve, but are certainly not limited to such activities as running errands, light housekeeping, meal preparation, laundry, escorting your loved one on appointments to the doctor, retrieving such things as mail, prescriptions and groceries.

Does Big Heart provide any medical services?
No - only non-medical at this time.

How does Big Heart differ from others in the home care industry? What sets you apart?
One of the aspects of our business in which we take the most pride is that we are a family business. We are not a franchise, and are therefore not bogged down, or concerned with “business” matters, such as quotas, and the like. We are exclusively concerned with the treatment and care of your family and your loved one – you are our primary assets. If you are not happy, we are not happy.

What should our family look for when trying to choose in-home care?
All we can offer you by way of answer is to think hard about who you would want in your love one’s home. We hope you’d rather have a member of a “family” company visiting with your beloved family member, when you can’t be there. We sure know that’s what we’d want. It’s why we run Big Heart Senior Care. We’re counting on people who’s families matter more than anything to them, just like they do to us.

What types services do your company provide?
See our services page for a complete listing.

Does your company provide live-in Caregivers?
No, we do not provide live-in services, but we can provide clients with 24 hour care for their loved one. We simply split the shifts into three 8 hour shifts.

How do you screen your Caregivers?
Our caregivers are carefully screened and trained. We perform background checks which include criminal history, driving record and employment and experience verification. In addition, as part of our no tolerance drug policy our caregivers are drug tested. See our caregivers page for more details.

Are the Caregivers bonded and insured?
Yes – all of our caregivers are insured and bonded.

Will my family member have the opportunity to meet his or her Caregiver prior to the beginning of actual services?
Absolutely. Just as your family member will be provided with an exclusive CareCoordinator for his or her case, such is our hope for his or her Caregiver as well. Your loved one will have the same opportunity to meet with their primary Caregiver prior to the commencement of services, to ensure that our instinct for what would be a good fit is in fact borne out.

Will I always have the same caregiver each visit?
Yes, whenever possible. There are occasions when there will be a different caregiver. While we do our best to make certain that schedules coincide, occasionally our Caregivers take days off or go on vacation. When such occasions occur, a substitute, but one with equal skill and experience, will fill in for the least amount possible, in order that your family member experiences the least disruption in his or her care as possible. If 24 hour care is needed, you will be provided a team of two to three caregivers. We know the important of continuity, and strive to maintain it whenever possible.

Are services available on weekends and holidays?
Absolutely. Care is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Does my family have to pay the Caregiver directly?
No. All of our Care Coordinators, Caregivers, in fact everyone who works for our company is an employee, and as such, their taxes, worker’s compensation, and wage are all paid for by our company.

How will I know what services my loved one will need?
A primary part of our business are our Care Coordinators. They are all Registered Nurses, with experience in this area of patient care. Before any services are chosen, and scheduled for your loved one, one of our Care Coordinators will come to your loved one’s home to do an assessment to evaluate his or her needs and answer questions you may have. As a result of that evaluation, in which you are invited to participate, your Care Coordinator will provide your family with a suggested personalized care plan.

Is there a fee for the in-home assessment?
There is neither a charge, nor an obligation.

Is there a service minimum?
Yes – Four hours a day.

How soon can services begin?
From your initial phone call to the first day of services for your loved one, the entire process can take about a week.

What are your hourly rates for services?
Our rates are between $16 and $18 per hour, depending on the number of total hours of care, and the level of care needed. For the 24-hour care the rate is $350.00/day.

What is the rate for services on holidays?
The hourly rate is double for holidays.

Is there an additional charge for transportation service?
Yes. If the Caregiver uses his or her car to transport your loved one somewhere, the additional charge is $0.65 per mile.

What is the rate for Telecare service?
The monthly charge is $31.00.

What type of payment method do you accept for services?
Our company offers flexible payment options. We accept personal checks, debit cards, credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover, and money orders. We also accept medicaid and some long term care insurance programs. There are manytypes of insurance companies that will pay for this type of care. For us to accept this type of payment, you must contact your insurance company prior to services and arrange for them to provide verification of coverage.

How do you conduct your billing?
We bill twice a month. Each invoice is due upon receipt. Auto-bill to a debit/credit card are an option as well.

Is a deposit required before care can began?
No, not as such. We do, however, require the first week of services to be paid in advance.

Do I have to sign a contract for certain lengths’ worth of service? ?
Clients are not required to purchase any particular length of care for their loved ones through our company. There is a standard service agreement required to be signed by both parties before care services can begin. This simply outlines the type of services to be provided to your family and your loved one by our company, and the compensation we are to receive in return. It does not in any way tie your down to a certain length of time. The service agreement can be cancelled at any time. We do require two weeks’ written notice upon termination of the service contract.

What if either my family, or our loved one who requires the care is not satisfied, for whatever reason, with the Caregiver?
We will accommodate your family’s expressed dissatisfaction as soon as possible by providing your loved one with a Caregiver that meets his or her satisfaction.

What happens if a problem occurs?
We have staff on call 24 hours a day, and won’t leave your loved one and his or her situation until the matter has been resolved as best as possible.

What happens if a Caregiver is sick or has an emergency?
We have caregivers on call at all hours of the day and night, and will have someone take their place in a timely manner.

What do we do at this point if we have any questions, or would like to make an appointment?
Give us a call at 248-395-3998 or go to our contact us page for more options. You may also use our online form to request an appointment.

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